Common Chimney Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid  

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Chimney cleaning and maintenance is something that most of us overlook. It is most probably rooted in the idea that chimneys do not play a major role in house maintenance as they can only be of use when winter sets in. However, most experts would disagree with this commonly held belief.   


Chimneys can play a significant role in your overall house maintenance and might even pose a problem if left ignored and unattended for a long time. In contrast, making sure that it is properly cleaned on a regular basis will guarantee you house maintenance savings.   

We interviewed prominent chimney companies and asked them the common chimney cleaning mistakes that most homeowners do that need to be stopped and avoided. Read through to know them.  

  1. Having incorrect assumptions – incorrect assumptions can obliterate proper cleaning methods, and of these dangerous assumptions is that seasoned softwoods and hardwoods make less creosote than the unseasoned ones. Contrary to this, all woods produce deposits that will eventually lead to the creation of creosote. Take note that, unlike ashes, creosotes are highly flammable, thus their accumulation may cause fire hazards.   
  2. Cleaning at the wrong time – most homeowners postpone chimney cleaning and only call professional services once damages have already worsened. It is important to have a regular check of your chimney and call professional cleaning services if need be. Do not wait until the buildup becomes difficult to remove. Here is also another pro tip for you: chimney cleaning services oftentimes get available during spring and summer, and discounts may also be flooding.   
  3. Rely on your own knowledge in cleaning – we understand that we are in a crisis, and we try to spend less on service companies as much as possible. This results in homeowners search for DIY strategies and tips and/or watch sponsored YouTube videos. While DIYs are not entirely harmful and dangerous, they still have the possibility to pose damage to your house and chimney. DIYs can be shared by nonexperts and their efficacy is not guaranteed. To make the matter worse, chimney cleaning DIYs can result in burning creosote and fire hazards. Now, think about this. Instead of trying to save money by avoiding hiring professional service, you have caused a fire accident that potentially leads to house repair and medical costs. If you are not confident with your ability to follow instructions carefully, we recommend that you let the experts do the job and avoid unnecessary hazards.   
  4. Hiring the wrong company – there are a few things you need to consider when hiring a professional chimney cleaning service company besides the price and cost. These include certificates, reviews, commitment, and professionalism. Hire a company that will offer you a reasonable price but does not also compromise good quality service. You bench-mark on reviews online or asking friends and family for a recommendation; conduct an interview and ask questions, and listing prospected companies.   


Chimney cleaning needs to be taken into consideration and should be one of your cleaning lists. Besides the fact that regular maintenance can reduce fire hazards caused by creosote build-up, it will also make your home cleaner and more presentable.   

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